Lorenza Wildcard
Lorenza Wildcard
Lorenza Wildcard

Call the Devil

album: n/a
genre: rock blues
streams: 17
creation date: 2023-09-29

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Who I wanna be?                                                                                                                   What I wanna do? Tell me...
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“Call the Devil” is about rebuilding a life after it fell apart. It’s about pushing boundaries while testing societal rules and beliefs about how one should...
Call the Devil
Lorenza Wildcard
10/09/23 07:29:48AM @lorenza-wildcard:
@moequinn you made my day! Thank you for your words! Much appreciated!
10/08/23 09:24:46PM @moequinn:
it seems everyone that has heard this song, loves it....it RAWKS
awesome lyrics too most of us can relate to...
I am surprised to see no comments or Likes on this song
to be honest, I love this song...DL'd the other day & play it in my car as I am driving along & singing
welcome to MixPosure & thank you for sharing with us


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