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Lorne Reid

I Want (feat. Carol Sue)

album: colabs
genre: Pop
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I Want (feat. Carol Sue)
carol sue
09/06/20 08:31:52PM @carol-sue:
Ah, thank you, cuzin @farrell-jackson :)
Hi @lodato ~thanks for visiting!
@lorne-reid -Thank you, I drank the 8$ rum!

Farrell Jackson
09/02/20 11:44:21AM @farrell-jackson:
I'm finally getting around to commenting on this cool collab. First off, I agree with Ronbo on the G. Harrison feel here. Some fine emoting and timing on the vocal delivery CSK. The phasey bass works well with the mood of the song and so does the sizzling outro lead solo Lorne. Well done!


09/02/20 06:45:20AM @lodato:
something trippy was what I was in the mood for this morning. This totally fit the bill! Fabulouse and like walking in on a great session.!
09/01/20 05:32:09PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for the listen and comments! Carol gave this 8 tons of emotion!!
carol sue
08/31/20 09:54:34PM @carol-sue:
Some of the most precious and detailed comments received @vesa
We thank you so much! Great to see you at Mixposure again.
Look forward to hearing some more of your wonderful music too!
Hey there, thank you spacebud! @david-c-deal :)

08/31/20 09:14:13PM @vesa:
This has such a cool rhythm, the synth repeating, great heavy drum beat start...and the vocal repetition of "I want" is infectious, the guitar soars along with the vocal, very cleverly emphasized, as those two words, together or separate, we use so much, as in the desire of, to have, it's that, "I" in us, for me, myself, and then the "I,I,I want" creates a realm of hysteria, then calms down...with guitar subtle, "want your body" is so alluring, seducing, m,m,m,mmm --.~ then a perfect time for the guitar to soar, then soon, a moaning...awesome! This is so well arranged, and nothing held back in your singing, Carol.You let it out. A dynamic tune. Superb! It speaks, no, it's actually a groaning of human desire to the very end. Very unique song! :)
08/31/20 09:06:08PM @david-c-deal:
Sounding fantastic!
carol sue
08/31/20 08:28:05PM @carol-sue:
Fab clab~ love it!
Thanks so much @ronbowes for taking this for a spin!
@lorne-reid I was crossing my fingers you would like this!
Awesome you~ thanks for sharing your fantastic music with me!
I want, I want.. I want more! :)

08/31/20 08:24:05PM @ronbowes:
Fab clab. Hey! I just invented another new term FabClab!! Great job and top vox from Carol Sue and solid track from Lorne. Bit of a Harrison feel to it.


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