Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Covered in Dirt (feat. The Cuzn's)

album: colabs
genre: Blues Rock
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Covered in Dirt (feat. The Cuzn's)
Farrell Jackson
05/01/21 09:33:02AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Tony and Gary!

The Cuzin's

The Gigglefits
05/01/21 09:10:45AM @the-gigglefits:
This track Rocks!!!. So loving this great job guys
Farrell Jackson
04/24/21 03:54:15PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for bringing this song to The Cuzin's Lorne! It was a lot of fun putting the lead vox to it!


04/24/21 08:24:50AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Gary!!! Would be great one day to have you on a Cuzn's tune!!! blistering keys always make things better!!!!
Gary Dabrowski
04/23/21 06:27:11PM @gary-dabrowski:
whoa...that's heavy...Lorne, that guitar is 'rude' (in a good way)!


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