Run Chicken Run

album: Thought I'd Seen It All
genre: Blues
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This song was based on an event that took place about 35 years ago. I may have embellished it a little. Hope you enjoy hearing about it as much as I...
Run Chicken Run
04/06/21 05:53:03PM @markm:
Thank you all for the comments! I appreciate it very much. :)
Gary Dabrowski
02/19/21 01:53:54PM @gary-dabrowski:
I like this one Mark...we have chickens, but they became pets...can't bear to slaughter them...but the eggs are good
Farrell Jackson
02/18/21 12:30:27PM @farrell-jackson:
A real fun song! I love the 50's rockabilly sound of this one with the cool vocal/guitar work. I like the story line, plus the chicken got away!


gary burris
02/17/21 09:16:47PM @gary-burris:
this awesome man I laughed so hard the music is just great nice chops on the guitar this is 2 thumbs up
Shifter Sisters
02/16/21 02:24:46PM @shifter-sisters:
great...I love this..!
02/16/21 10:54:11AM @jimsae:
Great country rocker, love this! I played it on my show last night, and the crowd enjoyed it, too!


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