Megan Metcalfe
Megan Metcalfe

Starbird Road

album: Love Is An Outlaw
genre: Pop/Americana
streams: 169

  Song Lyrics
Starbird Road If you love something, you should let it go This is wise advice, I know but my mind will wander where my feet can't go a mile and a quarter...
  Song Information
"Starbird Road"was the first single off my first album, which was released independently, titled, "Love Is An Outlaw", then rereleased by EMI music as...
Starbird Road
04/30/21 02:35:24PM @jimsae:
This song was requested Wednesday for my radio show, and I was very happy that I played it. Wonderful music.
The Gigglefits
04/27/21 10:36:43PM @the-gigglefits:
So Loving this
Gary Shukoski
06/05/20 03:55:54AM @gary-shukoski:
Very pretty tune here! Found it because of "Mo"s comment here. Also noticed Gene's comment...😥. Great vocals, mandolin, and piano. This is the full package. It would not surprise me at all to turn on a random radio station and hear this very tune playing. Very professionally done!
06/04/20 10:54:41PM @moquinn:
this is a beautiful song ~ I heard it for the first time tonight on MixPosure radio with @ron-bowes DJ-ing
your first comment I see here is from 5 years ago by a former member & DJ for MixPosure Gene Smith ~ sadly this gentle man has left this world & must be strumming in heaven
really lovely song @megan-metcalfe thanks for sharing

02/21/15 07:43:33PM @megan-metcalfe:
Thank you! I'll be posting more in the next day or two, so stay tuned...thanks for the feedback!!
02/21/15 07:12:04PM @gene-smith:
Oh this is very good Megan! Welcome to Mixposure! Can't wait to hear more!


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