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Gary Shukoski

Song For Venus

album: EP
genre: Instrumental Guitar
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Song For Venus
sly puppy
04/24/18 11:12:45AM @emocion:
Sweet acoustic string combination very sedate and pleasing on the ears somehow comforting : far to short for a thing of such beauty!
Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 01:45:42AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks for cruising by for another spin, Shane!
06/21/17 04:20:14AM @shane:
enjoyed again very much .
Gary Shukoski
05/13/17 07:28:06PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Sat! Really been diggin your acoustic stuff I've been hearing in chat lately too. "Left Me For Dead" = instant MIX classic!
05/13/17 09:16:16AM @saturated:
Just heard this last night on TV's show.. amazing piece! love the feel of it and the playing is spot on! Had to come listen again this morning... :)
Gary Shukoski
05/07/17 04:47:18PM @gary-shukoski:
No, no. Thank YOU Tricia! You're awesome! Thanks for all your support for indie artists!
Gary Shukoski
05/04/17 10:45:53PM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you Lare and as I said in chat, I have some ideas I may be able to add to this soon to lengthen it a bit!
05/03/17 07:37:44PM @tlt50:
Beautiful acoustic guitar, The composition....arrangement...production and musical skills are Superb..*****

Larry T.

Gary Shukoski
04/15/17 11:23:14AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Waveman! Glad you dig it. Working on another acoustic piece now. Hopefully I can share soon...
03/23/17 08:10:32PM @waveman:
excellent finger picking and I really like the progressions you go through with the string pad beautifully backing it up, what a great mood you conveyed
Gary Shukoski
03/07/17 03:00:26AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks RB! This was the first track that I ever used pro tools exclusively to build backing accompaniment.
03/04/17 10:42:31AM @ronbowes:
Very pleasant, my man. Nice melding of guitar with string ensemble.
Gary Shukoski
11/14/16 10:43:41PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Dace. I used a "Dust In The Wind" type finger picking style my dad taught me when I was starting out and implemented it into this little track that I dedicated to my beautiful wife!
Farrell Jackson
07/21/16 02:19:08PM @farrell-jackson:
A very soothing track here Gary. The guitar picking is exceptional...great tone and technique!


Lyrical Princess
07/17/16 11:01:51PM @lyrical-princess:
I love this. Breathtaking.. Could put this on repeat & listen for hours. Really great tune.

All The Best,

07/12/16 10:20:55PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful calming guitar work. The inner part reminded me of the progression used by Bread in "if a picture...". I always loved that progression. Beautiful work.
07/07/16 10:01:46AM @tcp:
Exceptional timing and clean playing. Very short but very sweet. Does make me want to come back and hear more! Terrific! /B
07/07/16 09:33:48AM @erne:
I love fine acoustic guitar pickin and you certainly fit the bill with this. But, no sooner I close my eyes and start getting into it its over. I guess I'll just have to listen twice.


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