Michael Jacob
Michael Jacob
Michael Jacob

I Wonder the Groove

album: More
genre: Pop RnB Soul
streams: 17

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Electric guitar -jazzed with the organ and here Michael’s vocals really truly shines, revealing the strength and range of his voice. Flawless and reminding...
I Wonder the Groove
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/21/21 06:32:29PM @warrioth-rowley:
This is wonderful song!!Love it!!
Queen Regina
04/21/21 03:43:52PM @queen-regina:
Really great vibe. Love the music but your vocals are great. #QueenReginaPickHit #GigglefitPickhit #QRPickhit I will air this Saturday night. Hope you can join us in chat. Best wishes always.
Michael Jacob
04/21/21 02:39:55PM @michael-jacob:
Nice song and vibe, like it!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

04/21/21 02:24:19PM @josephrodz:
Nice song and vibe, like it!


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