Michael Stone & The Abyss
Michael Stone & The Abyss

album: New Beginnings
genre: Rock
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Michael Stone & The Abyss is a collaboration between Daryl Holden (Abyss) and Michael Stone All song © BMI/APRA 2015 Music-Lyrics-Production  ~Michael...
10/25/15 09:22:04PM @hellz-abyss:
thanks guys again for such nice comments
Michael Stone & The Abyss
09/09/15 03:30:04AM @michael-stone-the-abyss:
Thank you Farrell
Farrell Jackson
09/07/15 03:45:43PM @farrell-jackson:
I dig this great big production Daryl and Michael! The drums rock, especially the snare. Excellent effects on the chorus vocals....I like it!


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