Words Without Deeds

album: Original Collaboration
genre: Original Rock Ballad
streams: 73

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Lyrics:   Words Without Deeds   I don't wanna listen to empty words, without deeds. Please don;t try to hasten You'll grow a garden of weeds.   Figure out...
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Dear friends, my wonderful, fabulous guitarist friend, Joseph Rodz, and I (Piyali), offer you our latest original song, that we collaborated on. It has been...
Words Without Deeds
10/03/15 03:39:26PM @lodato:
Piyali, the way you use your vocal prowess is remarkable. So musical from the lowest note all the way up there in the stratosphere. Joseph, it goes with out saying that you have so much passion that matches Piyali's.
09/03/15 11:59:11PM @cooter:
So fine. You two make a potent combination. Love the tune, y'all!
09/01/15 11:55:29AM @piyali:
Thank you so much dear friends. It was a true joy and an honor to collaborate with Joseph Rodz on this song. I am esp. grateful for his patience with me. :) Really happy you like our song. :)
Michael Stone & The Abyss
09/01/15 11:36:45AM @michael-stone-the-abyss:
Nice work Piyali and Joseph ...
09/01/15 08:39:37AM @josephrodz:
Thanks againg Piyali for your great voice and good work since we start making music together,Godbless you!


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