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Nex Xzit
Nex Xzit

When You Need A Hug Re-Issue

album: Remix Project
genre: Rock
streams: 35
creation date: 2020-11-28

When You Need A Hug Re-Issue
12/02/20 06:49:03PM @nex-xzit:
I will be tuning in JR Thanks so much!!!!
12/02/20 03:05:34PM @josephrodz:
Smooth rythm with power and soul, great vocals like a top artist she is.
Try to join us in chat some evening to have fun and listen to your music.

12/01/20 07:16:28PM @nex-xzit:
Thank you so much, it's an updated mix of a song we originally released in 2006. We always loved it, and it's our vocalist Margo's favorite!!
12/01/20 10:56:13AM @jimsae:
What a wonderful track, folks. I played this last night on my show and everyone loved it!


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