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"Don't Play With My Heart" Jazlyn Mone'

album: Jazlyn Mone'
genre: Alternative
streams: 23
creation date: 2024-05-27

  Song Information
A heart felt song about relationships from Jazlyn Mone' from 2024.
"Don't Play With My Heart" Jazlyn Mone'
05/30/24 01:56:12AM @nex-xzit:
Thanks guys. This is my daughter. I've decided to put her album that was never released on Mixposure. Don't Play With My Heart is her somewhat getting back into it. I'm really hoping she does She's very talented.
05/29/24 11:02:55PM @jimsae:
A wonderful, perfectly created track, and the vocalist nails every note, every phrase, complimented by a fantastic backing track!
05/29/24 01:50:56AM @lodato:
Really enjoying this! Such a lovely production and song. Very pretty voice. It calmed me.


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