I Don't Mind - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Retro Pop
streams: 21
creation date: 2021-08-16

  Song Lyrics
I Don't Mind! I don't mind if you ignore meI don't mind if you're way too coolAll I ask is that you'll take care of meAnd stay with me when things go wrong...
  Song Information
Here's an outrageously sickly sweet retro brit-pop song with vocals by Anna. Very different to my usual Blues Rock style, this song came about almost by...
I Don't Mind - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor
08/17/21 07:25:08PM @phillipfoxley:
that's a voice I like-great production for the genre-enjoyed

Awesome comment. Thank you. 🤝

08/16/21 04:26:02PM @phillipfoxley:
Huge thanks for your great comment @queen-regina. 🤝👍
Queen Regina
08/16/21 02:48:39PM @queen-regina:
I dont mind to give this my #QUEENREGINAPICKHIT
I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Sexy sweet vocals 😍 😘 ❤ Sweet love song.oh oh ohhhhh ooh. I just love you so much


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