The Point Of No Return

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 44
creation date: 2022-01-28

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The Point Of No Return Just take a look out therea world that we all knowIt's disaster now and no-one seems to care We truly want a changebut no-one wants to...
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A sobering tale about environmental pollution caused by human activity."We need to act right now each and every one of us to take the next big step for...
The Point Of No Return
02/08/22 04:17:16PM @phillipfoxley:
Delighted that this track takes you back @bustert. Thanks for leaving a great comment. 🤝👍
02/08/22 03:56:15PM @bustert:
nice tune in the voice & all the guitars- reminds me on old Berlin-Days
02/06/22 02:45:28PM @phillipfoxley:
@lodato, thank you.
02/05/22 10:50:34PM @lodato:
Enjoyed this tune. A nice lighthearted rocker. Some really nice guitar playing!
01/30/22 05:38:59AM @phillipfoxley:
Thanks for your great comment Trystyn @tristynleach and I'm delighted that you like the intentional ole skool rock feel - this track was mixed and mastered on vintage analogue equipment.
01/30/22 04:53:33AM @tristynleach:
Liked the ole skool rock feel to the recording and those guitars, real catchy tune , real cool rock energy to be played loud enjoyed
01/29/22 10:10:50AM @phillipfoxley:
Hey, thanks for your comment Farrell, especially valued coming from you. @farrell-jackson:
Farrell Jackson
01/29/22 10:02:01AM @farrell-jackson:
A good environmental song Phillip! It rolls along nicely.


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