It's All About You! - feat. Raphael Gazal

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Punk Rock
streams: 26
creation date: 2022-03-05

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It's All About You!  Well I don't know what to do,'cause I really don't trust you.Our leaders don't have time,Are you gonna walk the line?  Where's all the...
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A simple, energetic polemic Punk Rock track originally written in Feb 2018, with a strong view of politicians everywhere. Vocals: Raphael GazalDrums: Jason...
It's All About You! - feat. Raphael Gazal
03/08/22 12:56:52AM @phillipfoxley:
Awesome comment @queen-regina and thank you for sharing. 🤗
Queen Regina
03/07/22 06:51:12AM @queen-regina:
Love this. Shared to fb to my story. Love the lyrics. We all feel let down right now & this applies in many ways. Gov luv, #QueenReginaPickhit ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.
03/06/22 03:59:37PM @phillipfoxley:
Really grateful for your comment @jimsae. Thank you. 🤝
03/06/22 12:14:04PM @jimsae:
I'm glad you posted this, it sums up a lot of feelings in the world right now. And a damn fine track! TIght arrangement, strong performances, and insightful lyrics!


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