I'll Be My Own Hero

album: Collaboration (Original)
genre: Pop/Indie
streams: 338

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Lyrics: I'll Be My Own Hero I was looking for someone to believe insomeone who'd save the day when things go wrong someone who'd live and die for all the...
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It is with the greatest of pleasure that we (Piyali Ganguly, Michael Horn, Billy Playle) offer you this beautiful song! It's been a pleasure, an honor and a...
I'll Be My Own Hero
12/11/18 06:46:16PM @piyali:
@vittoroma: Thank you so much Vittorio! Appreciate it.
12/08/18 01:03:24AM @vittoroma:
Hi my beautiful friend as usually i love the way you sing ,this is another beautiful song from you ,i really like it ..much luv
03/12/18 11:07:52PM @piyali:
@digital-j: Thank you so very much!
06/01/16 05:15:24AM @digital-j:
Took a listen to this and i paused for a moment while watching the stars and it was a great song to get lost into..... :)
I really felt the song and it took me back to some memories.
You really have a great voice.... it's a dream that i would like to work with you on a track some day..... Great song..

01/27/16 01:13:59PM @piyali:
Thank you so much Joseph, Dave, David!!
04/10/14 08:25:47AM @josephrodz:
Love the mix,so clear and well balanced.
Piyali you're my hero vocalist!

Fender Bender
04/09/14 03:26:27PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
This is one of the most lush and polished productions I have heard on Mixposure. And Piya's vocals send it over the top! Bravo!
04/09/14 09:47:29AM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful vocals, lyrics, instrumentation, production. This song clearly has the whole package just right.


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