Come On Human

album: Original Collaboration
genre: Indie Soul/Blues/Rock
streams: 40

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Lyrics: Come On Human - Written by Piyali Ganguly   1) Come on Human put on your thinking cap Don't you see the ever widening big gap   2) Be no slave to...
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My friends, here is a brand new song from myself (Piyali) and my talented dear friend, Michael Winter. It has been a joy and an honor to collaborate with...
Come On Human
01/07/17 04:33:23PM @bigpete:

After reading your bio I now understand why you are so masterful both vocally and emotionally, there are a lot of great vocal technicians but to master the emotional part of a performance is something different and you master both, your are a great story teller. I love the bluesy vibe of this track. If you ever hear some music that inspire you on my page and say to yourself I'd like to do something with this music please let me know, I'd be honored, and would dispose of any vocals on that track. Peace.

09/02/15 04:17:59PM @piyali:
@michael-stone-the-abyss: thank you so much! So Happy you like it. :)
Michael Stone & The Abyss
08/30/15 08:27:34PM @michael-stone-the-abyss:
Piyali... Love the way your voice soars on this. Parts of it almost remind me of Janis Joplin .... Great job Michael
07/31/15 02:23:18PM @piyali:
Thank you so much dear Farrell, from us to you with gratitude. :)
Farrell Jackson
07/31/15 02:08:39PM @farrell-jackson:
Real soulful singing with a great message Piyali. Michael's backing track is perfect for this style of soulfulness!



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