Run To Me (from album SUPPORT)

album: Collaboration
genre: Indie
streams: 36

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  Run To Me   A voice on the phone that's all it was Yet I felt enlivened  by the warmth of it's tone   Close to my ear softly it spoke till this voice on...
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Dear Friends, It is with great joy and pleasure, I and my partner in music, Daryl Holden (a.k.a. Daryl Abyss), bring to you our single from our...
Run To Me (from album SUPPORT)
01/06/17 11:52:05PM @piyali:

Thank you so much bigpete! A big warm thank you from Daryl Abyss and myself. :) So happy you like this song of ours. :)

01/06/17 10:58:47PM @bigpete:

Just heard the track on Mix Radio and it blew me away, amazing vocal performance, superbe arrangements, really a top performance, really looking foward discovering more of you're music. This track sounded to me like it could have come out of a James Bond movie. Wow, bravo.


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