Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

Nightwatch One - Gary Carciello/Rob

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 92
creation date: 2010-12-11

  Song Information
Gary Carciello - Main music theme, Strings / keyboard, GuitarsRob Grant - Additional keyboards, midi-synth, bass
Nightwatch One - Gary Carciello/Rob
Luca Wulf
01/24/11 12:01:22PM @huge-artist:
Mmm,this is VERY nice Rob and Gary.
Gary always plays so perfect for each piece he does.
The song just seems so effortless and very regal.
Great piece of songwriting Rob.

You could almost picture a stately court dance to this.

So many ultra nice touches throughout.
More than that,it's one of those songs you just WANT to listen to.

Beautiful work Rob.

12/11/10 08:52:36PM @franknbass:
Nightwatch is perfect for this. I like the smoothness and the cool mood it sets. Kind of has an asian feel in the keys and the guitar is well placed. The guitar tone is perfect. This is a pleasure to hear.
Frank Henderson

Mista Perez
12/11/10 07:00:07PM @mista-perez:
I have to say I love the "cool" and "warmth" on this track. It has everything I like in a track....hmm this would sound nice with some lyrics. Something soulful and meaningful. Love this.
Farrell Jackson
05/20/13 03:10:56PM @farrell-jackson:
Another past jewel from the Mixposure back pages. Nice work Rob....a real beauty with all the synth work! Gary added some fine guitar to this. You know I really dig your bass work Rob!



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