Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

Stress Relief

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Instrumental Rock
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It’s been a long time...Due to many computer mishaps and issues, I quit playing and recording. I’m relearning everything I forgot. Had to update everything...
Stress Relief
03/02/22 06:49:25AM @shane:
The main thing my ears are drawn to here is your Bass play. Rock-on Rob !
Paul rainbird
01/02/22 10:47:03PM @paul-rainbird:
Very melodic nice work Rob πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Rob Grant
11/11/21 06:34:26AM @rayon-vert:
Thank you, guys😌 As always, I appreciate your thoughts 🎧🎼😌
Il Surrealista
11/10/21 10:18:32PM @bill-b:
Great to hear you again Rob , sounding good as always!

What he said!

11/10/21 10:10:32AM @waveman:
great start to a new catalogue of music rob, stress relieving vibe happening
11/10/21 06:42:18AM @wricky:
Great to hear you again Rob , sounding good as always!
State of Flow
11/09/21 09:04:34PM @state-of-flow:
Hi Rob, sounding great there!
You may remember me from back in the day.
We did a little collab together, but it was a long time ago. I was on here as ROBBO1.
Glad to hear you are still playing!

Farrell Jackson
11/09/21 07:44:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Rob this is a cool and mellow instrumental! The double guitars and harmonies are delicious. You don't sound like you've lost any steps....welcome back buddy!


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