Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant


album: Starting Fresh
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 57
creation date: 2023-07-31

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I did this song back in the Soundclick days. It was my first attempt at using mostly Midi Instruments. I did play bass and guitar on some parts. Probably...
08/04/23 05:43:05PM @jimsae:
ROB GRANT: you totally deserve this, my friend. There is no doubt. None whatsoever.
Rob Grant
08/04/23 03:48:55PM @rob-grant:
Shocked!! And feel Honored!! Thanks, Guys and Gal!! For the supportšŸ˜Œ
Lonesome wolf
08/04/23 03:13:41PM @paul-grimwood:
Congrats Rob!Great tune!Love it! - Paul.
carol sue
08/04/23 09:18:34AM @carol-sue:
You couldn't duck, duck, goose fast enough, Rob... they got you! :)
Mixposure's Song of the Month~ Congratulations my friend, you rock!
::encore:: *****

08/03/23 03:00:02PM @lodato:
Really enjoying this chill but energetic piece.
Farrell Jackson
08/02/23 12:08:26PM @farrell-jackson:
Duck duck goose, lol. I can hear the children playing and having fun. A cool midi track with your bass and guitar additions Rob!
bill b
08/02/23 10:50:38AM @:
I can hear the sound of that era in there reminds me of Mario bros, pacman or something.
The long sustain Guitar is a nice contrast and a interesting diversion which helps it move along.

carol sue
08/02/23 07:55:42AM @carol-sue:
Duck duck goose song you say... :) Too cute!
Brought a smile to my face and a bit of playfulness to my heart.
Interesting playground of sounds you have here, Rob! *****

Rob Grant
07/31/23 06:10:37PM @rob-grant:
It was a duck duck goose type song...Hahahahahaha!


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