Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

Thinking While Walking ft. Jim Rustemeyer on guitar

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 45
creation date: 2023-10-11

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Finally, I got to do a song the Jim Rustemeyer...... Jim played all lead guitar parts. I played the rest. It's kind of a walking and thinking song...
Thinking While Walking ft. Jim Rustemeyer on guitar
11/23/23 03:47:52PM @jimsae:
I love the remix/master Rob! Turned out great!
Rob Grant
11/23/23 02:15:21PM @rob-grant:
A new Re-master and Mix was uploaded today 11-23-2023. Thanks for the listens and comments.
10/15/23 01:54:13PM @jimsae:
Thanks Ron D. Bowes! We had a lot of fun with this one!
10/15/23 10:22:10AM @ronbowes:
Cool job dudes ;-)
Farrell Jackson
10/12/23 11:09:18AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey, some of my fav. Mixers got together for a collab! Rob, you always create the coolest instrumentals. And then, Jim puts some excellent, melodic lead guitar to it. You are a couple of creative Craniacs (a compliment). Did I just make up a new word? I enjoyed this listen...well done fellas!
10/11/23 07:43:15PM @jimsae:
Thanks for inviting me to work on a song with you, Rob! You wrote a great piece of music, and i hope I didn't mess it up too much!


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