Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

A Little Light Snow

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Christmas Spirit
streams: 12
creation date: 2023-12-15

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A Little Light Snow. From the winters of the 60's. The pic is from the lake we used to skate on. This is an older song, re-mastered. It's in the Spirit of...
A Little Light Snow
tony cee
12/18/23 02:00:49PM @tony-cee:
great xmas song rob , love those keys . work . like the guitar break ......cheers tony cee
Eric Saitz
12/16/23 08:14:01PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Hi Rob. What a heartfelt Christmas song. I remember waking up as a kid to a early morning Christmas snow and opening presents. So far here in Michigan 0.0n snow fall. I am hopeful though. I Really enjoyed this Rob

Farrell Jackson
12/15/23 09:58:24AM @farrell-jackson:
This is an excellent Christmas song Rob and crew! It does have a nostalgic Christmas Spirit that shines brightly in the music, lyrics and vocals! I like it!
carol sue
12/15/23 08:19:55AM @carol-sue:
I just love this! ❤️
That's the Christmas spirit.
Happy holidays!! :) *****


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