Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

Stop it Now, Dylan -Young

album: Starting Fresh
genre: ROCK
streams: 24
creation date: 2024-01-05

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Once there was a time, livin' nursery rhymes we lived a life of general competition it didn't take long before it was gone and we had to change all the...
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Well?!? I stopped it quick. A little tribute to Dylan and Young. I don't know what gets into me sometimes.....
Stop it Now, Dylan -Young
02/11/24 08:44:32PM @moequinn:
cool song @rob-grant ~ brings back memories of back in the day ~ thanks you made me smile

01/07/24 03:22:30AM @buddrumming:
rockin bro!!!
Farrell Jackson
01/06/24 09:38:42AM @farrell-jackson:
When it started off I thought you were singing the words to Like A Rolling Stone, lol. The organ sounds cool in the mix. The descending chords that lead into the choruses are great...a nice set up for the change. Cool vocals, guitar and bass Rob!
01/06/24 07:43:00AM @mizieya:
i like this track i am not familair with Dylan and Young but this track reminds me of the 60s very trippy on a few levels and the vocals very smokey. i like this a lot.


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