Rob Grant
Rob Grant
Rob Grant

God of War - Ron Bowes, Mel Hayler, Rob Grant

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 27
creation date: 2024-03-16

  Song Information
Ron Bowes - Lyrics, Vocals, Lead guitar Mel Hayler - Keyboards, mixing Rob Grant - Bass, guitars, drum arranging
God of War - Ron Bowes, Mel Hayler, Rob Grant
03/30/24 05:52:56PM @bustert:
Beautiful, devilishly played - especially the drums and the bass in combination with the vocals - and then the changes in the song - there's something telling!
03/24/24 04:36:19PM @mizieya:
divinely atmospheric loving it
03/22/24 05:30:29PM @bad-love-junkie:
Echoing Farrell's words: "A damn fine song, indeed!"
03/20/24 10:56:48PM @lodato:
I can't get enough of this!
Farrell Jackson
03/17/24 09:40:39AM @farrell-jackson:
A damn fine song boys! Nice and heavy with the music, lyrics and vocals. Kudos to all of you! Now I'm gonna have that chorus circling in my head all day "God of War"..."God of War"! ...........


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