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Rob Grant
Rob Grant

All In My Mind - Rich Lodato, Mel Hayler, Rob Grant

album: Starting Fresh
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 41
creation date: 2024-05-26

  Song Lyrics
Lyrics - Rich Lodato - All In My Mind There was a time, when I was born Picked up and loved Oh how I loved that time But I'm afraid it was all in my mind...
  Song Information
Rich Lodato - Lyrics, vocals Mel Hayler - Keyboards, mix, engineering Rob Grant - Bass, guitars, drum arranging
All In My Mind - Rich Lodato, Mel Hayler, Rob Grant
06/04/24 04:20:09AM @mizieya:
very distinctive vocals @Lodato places ne in the 60s I love this vibe
05/31/24 08:14:53PM @bad-love-junkie:
This is simply awesome! A great collaboration, my friends.

Paul rainbird
05/31/24 05:49:47PM @paul-rainbird:
Nice love it
05/30/24 06:48:55PM @moequinn:
Wow!! double that Wow oh Wow!!! love this new collaboration Rob Grant, Rich Lodato & Mel Hayler puts me right in the groove....did I mention, I love this song

05/29/24 11:04:26PM @jimsae:
Wow, this is an amazing collab! You guys totally rock this one!
05/29/24 01:48:57AM @lodato:
Totally dug singing this!
bill b
05/26/24 06:07:29PM @:
Goitta love that nature intro! The song puts me in the heart ofthe 1960s western US Psychedelic Rock. Especially Mels vocal tone,it put me there, the instrumentation, arrangement even the straight forward poetic style lyric. Get out the tie-dyed shirts folks were goin' to a party.
Keep on truckin' guys! thanks for that!


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