Rollin Jewett
Rollin Jewett
Rollin Jewett

Arizona Sun

album: Ride Tall
genre: Rock/Country/Outlaw
streams: 22
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When the day has been too longand the nights go on foreverWhen my soul has lost its songI pretend that we're togetherAnd when I'm flying lowand it seems like...
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A heartfelt ballad about the kind of love that makes one keep going when the world seems cold and uncaring.
Arizona Sun
Rollin Jewett
11/12/21 11:21:54PM @rollin:
Regina, thank you so much for your kind words and support. it means a lot to me that you wrote such a nice not about my music. I'm humbled.
Queen Regina
11/12/21 03:03:16PM @queen-regina:
Absolutely amazing musicianship. No wonder you're nominated with the BEST OF THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. BLESSINGS. #QueenReginaPickHit Love you @Rollin ❤ I'm excited to give you a #NewArtistDoubleSpin Introduction #SaturdayNightBall 7PM #Fabutastic #ArizonaSun


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