The Isolation, Irritation Blues (Feat. Farrell Jackson)

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genre: Rock
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The Isolation, Irritation Blues (Bowes - Jackson) (V1) I’m becoming irritated, with all this isolationI’m waiting patiently, for a real explanationMaybe it...
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We're back! Been awhile. This is a blues track I threw Farrell's way asking for a Robert Plant style vocal. The man stepped up to the plate and came up with...
The Isolation, Irritation Blues (Feat. Farrell Jackson)
Ray Brookes
08/18/20 02:04:13AM @ray-brookes:
Oh yeah, what a great bluesy rock song. Brill vocals from Farrell and cool blues harp coming through, Ron.
07/29/20 05:12:29AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for joining me on this one cuz. We made it to the 4 ;-)
Farrell Jackson
07/25/20 09:51:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the invite to belt out some R. Plant style, classic rock blues vocals and harmonica cuz was fun!



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