I Think I'll Take My Leave

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genre: Rock
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I Think I'll Take My Leave
The Gigglefits
10/21/20 09:11:58AM @the-gigglefits:
We are loving this song great job!!
carol sue
10/01/20 08:59:38PM @carol-sue:
Let it out!! ;) Gosh, I'm glad this song isn't about me.
Better to be on your good side, lol!
Fantastic tune filled with passion, anger and that great Bowes style!
Bravo! *****

09/30/20 12:48:03PM @lorne-reid:
Nice one Ronbo. Grooves along and has the classic Ronbo hook chorus. NIce tight playing throughout!
Farrell Jackson
09/30/20 10:24:54AM @farrell-jackson:
Call it like it is cuz Ronbo! Some cool soloing on the guitar and the bluesy harp jabs fill in nicely. Great rock songwriting and vocals here. I hope whoever pissed you off hears this song, lol!



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