Lonely Man - (Feat. Carol Sue) - Partners in Crhyme

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The latest Partners in Crhyme track. Hope you enjoy this little rocker
Lonely Man - (Feat. Carol Sue) - Partners in Crhyme
carol sue
10/27/20 06:24:27PM @carol-sue:
Appreciate your visit @queen-regina
Staying well, my friend! = priceless! :)
Thanks again @ron-bowes for rockin' this with me!
'Twas a lot of fun!

10/23/20 09:29:33AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening @queen-regina ;-) and thanks for the partnership @carol-sue ;-)
Queen Regina
10/20/20 06:33:18AM @queen-regina:
I love this. Sorry Carol Sue you're having health issues. I do too. And it certainly does release a beast. Makes us feel weve nothing to lose but can gain from the release. It's a rewarding feeling to just let go. Great song & performance.
carol sue
10/17/20 07:32:09PM @carol-sue:
I was in a sleep state of mind for over 2 months.. sure makes me appreciate
feeling better now. ::sigh:: ::or-should-I-growl like a beast:: haha..!
Thank you, spacebud! @david-c-deal - I'm more than happy you like this.
Awakened the beast inside of me! haha!! Love that... Arrrrrr!

@ronbowes ~Thanks again my rock 'n roll friend~ you always make my day! :)

10/17/20 09:25:52AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening @david-c-deal. Appreciated ;-)
10/13/20 03:25:03PM @david-c-deal:
Carol, I believe coming through your illness has awakened a beast in you :) I love your vocals on this song. My only, and very small complaint, is I wish the vocals were mixed louder. The music rocks Ron.
10/13/20 12:32:55PM @ronbowes:
Thanks @digger-stone for the cool feedback. Likewise @stig-jones me old mate ;-)
Always a pleasure working with you Kirkpatrick :-)

carol sue
10/13/20 08:49:08AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for taking this for a spin and commenting @digger-stone + @stig-jones
I use to do Tv commercials.. I used my cartoon "psychotic" voice in parts, lol.
Cheers @ronbowes~ you rocker, you! This was fun to do, thanks so much, partner!
Keep rockin' :)

Stig Jones
10/13/20 08:18:57AM @stig-jones:
Top song,Likke the psychotic tone of the vocals, cracking harp too ;)
10/12/20 10:07:32PM @digger-stone:
Carol sue, do more music like this. Seriously girl, this totally suits you. Ron, another great track bro, you're very creative cat. Very impressed on all parts. Digging it!


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