Let It Go (Feat. Twank Whelan)

album: NA
genre: Funk Rock
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  Song Lyrics
You saw me on facebookLet it go let it goPerhaps you’ve heard a song of mineNone have made me any doughLast thoughts as I sitHere upon the shitterSuppose...
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Wanted some grizzled gritty vocals for this track and asked Twank Whelan to add his voice. Came out well! Music: Ron D Bowes - Vocal and lyric:Twank Whelan
Let It Go (Feat. Twank Whelan)
Paul rainbird
01/14/22 05:09:14PM @paul-rainbird:
Great colab guys 😎😎😎😎😎
12/15/21 07:22:39AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for the great comments @sergej77 @lodato and @moquinn . Very kind and much appreciated ;-). And thanks for joining me and doing a grand job @twank-whelan
12/13/21 10:42:46PM @moequinn:
OMG you guys did a clab
I am loving this
That's what I have to do a lot of times to maintain some sanity ~ just Let I Go
Awesome Clab @ronbowes & @twank-whelan
very crystal clear & great stereo separation

12/13/21 04:58:34PM @lodato:
This sounds naturally born guys! A step above for David’s great lyrical talent and delivery for sure. Ron’s musicianship is second to no one! And that ain’t easy to do!
Twank Whelan
12/13/21 03:54:52PM @twank-whelan:
This was such a fun tune to work with, loved everything you got goin' on here Ron. I've not heard you use a flute before, nice touch with that. Thanks for letting me in on it!
12/13/21 02:56:52AM @sergej77:
Excellent collabo guys! Ron, the composition is very cool, and David did his way performance so well!
Give us more!
Regards and hugs!


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