White Wedding

album: White Wedding
genre: Rock
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I have had a couple of people suggest I cover this track. Thought I'd give it a go and put it up as a double "A" single with "The Only Thing...."
White Wedding
09/01/22 09:11:27AM @ronbowes:
Much obliged @shane ;-)
07/31/22 06:57:39AM @shane:
Pretty cool - good sounding reproduction of billyboy's hit. Your vocal sounds good here ,, as in all your works these days. I was never a fan of Idol's song , but , I can feel like a fan of your version Ron. one highlight, is how you accurately re-produced the intro music - and as the number moves on , it becomes a Ron Bowes trademark sound.
06/14/22 01:19:53PM @ronbowes:
Thanks @twank-whelan @farrell-jackson and @bad-love-junkie I did enjoy doing this one a lot! ;-)
06/13/22 07:41:39PM @bad-love-junkie:
One of my favorites. Nice cover Ron :)
Farrell Jackson
06/12/22 09:43:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Great work on this cover Cuz! We (former cover band) used to do this song and it was always a crowd pleaser and got people on the dance floor. Nice work on the vocals, guitars, drums and I dug the killer bass line!
Twank Whelan
06/11/22 01:25:42PM @twank-whelan:
Love the tune, great cover Ron!


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