Everybody's Funky

album: Blues, Booze and Bad News
genre: Funk
streams: 40

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Fancied doing some funk to get me out of this depression loop.
Everybody's Funky
Bill B
09/30/22 07:54:36PM @bill-b:
Most enjoyable Ron , nice job. thanks for posting. Great guitar work. Saves me diggin' out my Funkadelic albums for a hit.
09/30/22 08:55:15AM @ronbowes:
THanks very much guys! @farrell-jackson and @lodato
09/29/22 05:49:37PM @lodato:
Awesome track Ron! Solid good funky chunk of love!
Farrell Jackson
09/29/22 11:34:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Everybody's Funky except me, lol, I can't do funk for "funks sake". I like the double, left and right, lead vocals. Cool guitar and that wah wacka wacka near the end is a neat effect. Well done cuz!


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