I Can Hardly Swim - Kathy & the Shortt-List

album: NA
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 13
creation date: 2023-11-19

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Kathy & the Shortt-List back with a new song! Kathy Shortt - Vocals, vocal melody and lyrics...
I Can Hardly Swim - Kathy & the Shortt-List
11/24/23 01:19:28AM @moequinn:
I love this song ~ Kathy & the Shortt-List, Ron D. Bowes & Ray Brookes I am so pleased I was able to download it
thanks for sharing

carol sue
11/21/23 05:37:19AM @carol-sue:
Wow factor! Ah, such a great song and very impressive, solid performances.
Easy to echo Farrell's comments, for sure. ;) Talents shine bright here!!
I'll add ::encore:: and a ::bravo:: ~ ***** Congratulations on this winner!

Farrell Jackson
11/20/23 09:28:26AM @farrell-jackson:
This turned out great Ron. Kathy sings it well and Ray Brookes’ B3 really fills in nicely. Your guitar and backing vocals complete the song with taste!


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