Ninety Miles of Highway

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genre: Rock
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creation date: 2024-03-04

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I have just released my latest album, but that doesn't mean I take a rest from recording. This is a pedal to the metal driving rock and roller
Ninety Miles of Highway
03/11/24 07:09:56AM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @farrell-jackson cuz, @rob-grant and @lodato for the kind words ;-)
03/09/24 01:01:19PM @lodato:
You just dive right in there and pull out another great rocker!
Rob Grant
03/05/24 08:28:21PM @rob-grant:
Rocks from start to fimish.....Great recording!!! 90 miles of non-cop highway....What fun!!!!Agreed the lead guitars RAWKED!!! Love the trade off.
Farrell Jackson
03/04/24 11:39:43AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool rocker Cuz! I was worried that you might have broken your hand or something because you haven't posted a new song in a few days, lol! This one rocks right along from start to finish. Good lyric concept with vocals to match. I really like the trade off lead guitars, panned left and right, on the outro...good stuff man!


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