Cold Hearted Woman

album: NA
genre: Rock
streams: 40
creation date: 2024-03-10

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COLD HEARTED WOMAN Here I stand a broken manI don't know what to doYou spurned my love, you took my heartAnd tore it into in two I feel bad when you're...
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On a roll!
Cold Hearted Woman
03/20/24 11:36:44AM @ronbowes:
Thanks Paul @paul-rainbird . It's appreciated ;-)
Paul rainbird
03/14/24 06:45:47AM @paul-rainbird:
Great Rocker good production nice one Ron
03/13/24 12:15:36PM @ronbowes:
Thanks @rob-grant @dan-cummins and @farrell-jackson . Gonna rock till I drop ;-)
Farrell Jackson
03/12/24 11:17:22AM @farrell-jackson:
The two opening rhythm guitars fit well together and set the rockin' stage for what is to come. The bass and drums are keeping the train on the tracks perfectly. The lyrics, vocals, and lead guitar work in concert with the rest making this such a cool listen!
Dan Cummins
03/10/24 12:46:58PM @dan-cummins:
Way to go Ron. Nice
Peace ✌️

Rob Grant
03/10/24 12:33:31PM @rob-grant:
Rock n' Roll to the hilt. Love your bass and recording. Vocals rock om!!! Cool song riffs and arrangement.


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