Stella's Aunt (The final remix / re-edit / remaster)

album: This Ain't a Movie Show
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 21
creation date: 2024-04-13

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I am well on the way to completing another album. I was talking to Farrell Jackson and a fave track of his is Stella's Aunt - which I have never released. I...
Stella's Aunt (The final remix / re-edit / remaster)
04/16/24 04:24:48AM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @farrell-jackson @moequinn and @tony-cee for the comments ;-)
tony cee
04/15/24 02:05:41PM @tony-cee:
brill song ron reminds me of ian hunter , love it ...cheers tony cee
04/13/24 10:27:25PM @moequinn:
yes, this is a favorite of mine too...& this sounds wonderful
Woo Hoo now paying attention to the lyrics
yes, you should add this one to your new album
this sounds great ~ awesome stereo sound & separation
Love it

Farrell Jackson
04/13/24 10:05:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Cuz, thanks for posting this newly re-worked version of Stella's Aunt !!!!!!!! I didn't think you could make it sound better but you did! It's still a fav. of mine!


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