Bride in White

album: This Ain't a Movie Show
genre: Rock
streams: 26
creation date: 2024-06-02

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BRIDE IN WHITE The day you walked into my lifeYour smile lit up the placeI'd walk a hundred country milesJust to see your faceCome on say you willWon't you...
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I actually had a bit of breathing space and knocked this one out
Bride in White
06/12/24 06:55:08AM @ronbowes:
Thank you kindly @mizieya @lodato @farrell-jackson. Yeah, once bitten Rich ;-)
Farrell Jackson
06/03/24 09:35:53AM @farrell-jackson:
What a cool rocker!!!! I like those distorted power chords. The guitar solo bridge works perfectly. Good vocals and the chorus is great. Hahaha, I almost fell into my speakers when the music stopped so abruptly, lol. An excellent song and production Ron!
06/03/24 12:34:30AM @lodato:
Enjoyed this RonBo! Lookin to get hitched again? I think not! haha
06/02/24 11:22:59AM @mizieya:
really lovingg this track its great


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