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Love in Vain

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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Shooting for the Moon – Love in Vain You make her cry,you make her laughYou make her feel,you make her toughYou´re painting words into her faceYou try to...
Love in Vain
Shifter Sisters
01/20/21 09:00:19AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue Thank you so much Carol-Sue. we appreciate it very much..!
This one is one of our favorite ballads beside Amies Moon and few others.
more hugs for you - from both of us..!

carol sue
01/20/21 08:51:58AM @carol-sue:
Passionate and warm.. like a big ((hug))
Really enjoyed listening to this beauty!
Bravo! *****

Shifter Sisters
01/17/21 05:33:58AM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina oh Thank you so much..! you make us happy my Lady :)
stay cool, safe, and well..!
hugs from both of us..!

Queen Regina
01/16/21 03:30:12PM @queen-regina:
Absolutely beautiful. Just beautiful.


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