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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

Tiny Little Bird

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 22

  Song Lyrics
Tiny little Bird   This is the story …..of a strange tiny bird...   She doesn't live   -    like all others from her nest... She gave her love      -     to...
  Song Information
this song is dedicated to my country - Serbia Danijela
Tiny Little Bird
Shifter Sisters
02/16/21 12:45:48PM @shifter-sisters:
Jim, we are without words...if you only could see how excited and happy we are about these your words and moreover the reaction in chatroom!!! We feel like a helium balloon. so many thanks, it means so much to us bringing joy with our music. It's the greatest reward and gift for us! The next piece of music we will post to mixposure is dedicated to all your lovely listeners!!
hugs hugs hugs..!

02/16/21 10:58:45AM @jimsae:
A wonderful, almost fragile-sounding piece of music from the two of you. I don't normally say this, but: everyone in the chat room last night was enthralled. I look forward to each new piece of music that the two of you create. Fantastic!
Shifter Sisters
02/15/21 08:29:48AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue: Oh Carol-Sue, it means so much to us two. It is that we found each other in music and as friends and that's the relationship we blindly know what the other feels and we can bring it into music! It's sooo good feeling we have soulmates here, like you, who can feel this too!! THANK YOU from my Side, yours Melani

hugs and love Carol-Sue..!

carol sue
02/14/21 08:14:37AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Such loving vibes in music.
Precious and real. Easy to love listening. Bravo! *****

Shifter Sisters
02/13/21 11:35:20AM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina: thank you so much its a really great honor to read your words. Very encouraging and unbelievably kind support. It went right to my heart and if ever dreams come true you will be our guest once in our house near the sea, which will be full of music and art and great people.
Melani /singer/.

Shifter Sisters
02/13/21 08:47:43AM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina: ohhh thank you a million times my dear friend..! you make tears in my eyes..!
thank you so much..!
many hugs and love from Melani and me..! <3 <3 <3

Queen Regina
02/13/21 07:17:55AM @queen-regina:
This is the story of a beautiful tiny songbird, so unique, so loved, so talented. I think her day has come that others see her kindness, feel her love, love her songs, and support her uprising. Sing Songbird, sing. Im such a fan of your "one of a kind" uniqueness. Very beautiful.


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