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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

Virtual Kiss

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 19

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VIRTUAL KISS       Take care my love take care On this  beautiful spring  day, with that fallacious sunshine in your sparkling hair I'm thinking of...
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Dear friends and soulmates from MIXPOSURE radio, we dedicate this song to all of you here - we send you many virtual hugs, take care and be well..! Shifter...
Virtual Kiss
Shifter Sisters
02/22/21 08:51:55AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue Thank you so much dear friend, we enjoy working with each other, so I guess it is possible to feel through the song...
Take care and another big hug to you..!

carol sue
02/22/21 05:04:15AM @carol-sue:
Just as sweet as sweet can be.
Be proud, sisters... this is such a pleasurable listen.
Big admiration on your collaborations! Bravo! *****

Shifter Sisters
02/20/21 08:46:45AM @shifter-sisters:
@bad-love-junkie: thank you so much for coming, Eric :)
yes, it's a harp on some parts, you hear well...
a big hug to you from both of us :)
stay cool :)

Shifter Sisters
02/20/21 08:43:32AM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina: thank you sooooo much, My Lady...
We are happy to have you here and thank you for these nice words :)
love and hugs from both of us..!

02/19/21 10:07:47AM @bad-love-junkie:
Some really beautiful guitar work. An intimate vocal nestled perfectly between those key. I think i hear a harp as well? A beautiul song . Well done!

Queen Regina
02/19/21 08:20:04AM @queen-regina:
Wow, how i love your unique delicate voice. Very beautiful. So warm, tender & heartfelt. Love the piano. Just another great song to appreciate from you Shifter Sisters.


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