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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

Desire and Doubt

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 29

  Song Lyrics
Desire and Doubt On this cold morning, You are sleeping like an innocent child With your arms around my body, I feel your breath upon my neck, and I...
  Song Information
A bit serious one, but we hope you will like it... regards and hugs from the Shifter Sisters
Desire and Doubt
Shifter Sisters
02/24/21 12:39:54PM @shifter-sisters:
@gary-dabrowski thank you Gary so much - great that you love it..!
Stay cool and well my friend..!

Shifter Sisters
02/24/21 12:37:52PM @shifter-sisters:
@jimsae: thanks sooooooo much Jim-Jim...! the show was great, sorry I could not stand being awake anymore, but I love-love it..!!!
and I loved all music, and the people here are so friendly...
I wish Melani can come, but she is in deep sleep at that time, as I am most of the
thanks once more my friend, we'll keep trying to make something good...
many hugs to you from both of us..!

Gary Dabrowski
02/23/21 01:42:57PM @gary-dabrowski:
love it!
02/23/21 09:56:19AM @jimsae:
Daniejella, you did such a wonderful job with the arrangement and production, and the song is a pure delight.
Shifter Sisters
02/22/21 03:11:18PM @shifter-sisters:
@tony-cee thank you a lot Tony-cee..!
We send you many regards and hugs..!

tony cee
02/22/21 01:40:01PM @tony-cee:
great piece of music love the vocal, haunting melody and superb work on the violin , fantastic work ....cheers tony cee
Shifter Sisters
02/22/21 08:47:01AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue: when you and Ron like it, I am very happy Carol-Sue :)
many thanks - a million.. lol... Melani is a machine for mood lol and some people think that we both
a big hug to you..!

carol sue
02/22/21 06:12:15AM @carol-sue:
A beautifully revealing masterpiece of music!
I can imagine this as a theatre play or similar.
Start to finish.. Bravo! *****

Shifter Sisters
02/22/21 04:15:38AM @shifter-sisters:
@ronbowes: oh thank you so much, Ron. I was not sure should I post this song here, but now when you like it, I guess it's ok...
02/21/21 06:35:55AM @ronbowes:
Great composition. Haunting piece of music and great vocal performance.


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