Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters


album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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Jessi When the wind is slowing down Jessi wears that frozen crown   her kiss bleeds   When her daily work is done and her family rest at home        in the...
  Song Information
lyrics according to a true-life story
Shifter Sisters
03/04/21 04:15:31PM @shifter-sisters:
@gary-dabrowski thank you, dear Gary..!
we send you many hugs..!

Shifter Sisters
03/04/21 04:14:06PM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue thank you sooooo much Carol-Sue..!
we are honored..!
many hugs, stay well...!

Gary Dabrowski
03/04/21 10:51:41AM @gary-dabrowski:
much enjoyed the listen...very melancholy Melani...
carol sue
03/04/21 08:34:12AM @carol-sue:
Deeply sincere and lovely. Well-written and performed.
An attention holder with no doubt. Really enjoy your sound & style of music!
::encore:: *****

Shifter Sisters
03/03/21 12:50:06PM @shifter-sisters:
@farrell-jackson Thank you so much, Farrell..!
this song is in fact the life story of Melani's daughter friend by the name Jessi...
Melani took this girl into her house and helped her...She is grown up today, married and happy...
Stay well Farrell, hugs to you from both of us..!

Farrell Jackson
03/03/21 10:23:48AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very beautiful but sad song....well done Shifter Sisters!


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