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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters


album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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Oath Once I was a little Doll   -  I was frozen in respect you chained me   -  How can you claim And nothing should matter  -  I was just a child and I was...
  Song Information
the theme of this song is child abuse - allowed to cry while listening
Shifter Sisters
03/08/21 10:20:42AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue yes, Carol Sue, you are right...we should not close our eyes in front of any kind of abuse...
More we speak about it, more people will be free to declare abuse in their environment...
Thank you for listening to this one, dear friend..!
We send you many hugs..!

Shifter Sisters
03/08/21 10:15:46AM @shifter-sisters:
@ronbowes: thanks a lot Ron..! a hard theme but we need to speak and sing about it too...
if we just close our eyes, nothing will go away
Hugs from both of us Ron..!

Shifter Sisters
03/08/21 10:13:01AM @shifter-sisters:
@gary-dabrowski: thank you Gary so much...yes, some people are sick... a hard theme to sing about but we need to raise our voice for this matter...
Regards and hugs from both of us..!

carol sue
03/08/21 09:16:34AM @carol-sue:
A hopeful sorrow..
Abuse of any kind is uncalled for. ::cry::
Straight to the heart your lyrics and performance go.

03/07/21 11:05:19AM @ronbowes:
Deep lyrics. Top notch song and performance.
Gary Dabrowski
03/07/21 10:59:13AM @gary-dabrowski:
so sad...sick world...sob


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