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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

Don't Ask

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 20

  Song Lyrics
Don´t Ask Sometimes nothing can take you out of the bad mood Sometimes you feel the pains of eternal  school You sit downgaze at the wall Shadows are tall...
Don't Ask
Shifter Sisters
04/11/21 04:52:47PM @shifter-sisters:
@tony-cee: thank you so much Tony..!

tony cee
04/11/21 04:42:25PM @tony-cee:
superb song great vocal your voice is fantastic , great mix love it ....cheers tony cee
Shifter Sisters
04/09/21 01:13:28AM @shifter-sisters:
@bad-love-junkie: Thank you so much, Eric...My voice is my instrument and it responds to Danijela's music.
We all have rabbit holes, I just hope yours is not so deep and we'll see you here soon with a new song, if not already on the list.
Be well and safe Eric, we both are your big fans.
Regards and hugs - Melani- Shifter Sisters

04/09/21 12:03:23AM @bad-love-junkie:
crawling out of my rabbit hole. Your voice makes you seem so vulnerable. This music is memorizing. The lyrics read like poetry. Such a moving song. I admire your commitment to your art.


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