Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

Dream Merchants

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 18

Dream Merchants
Shifter Sisters
05/08/21 03:04:42AM @shifter-sisters:
@bad-love-junkie: thanks so much Eric :)
Shifter Sisters
05/08/21 02:48:07AM @shifter-sisters:
@tony-cee: thanks so much Tony-cee..!
The lyrics are a collection of comments to our songs from our friend Clive, a musician from Spain.
We did this song and dedicate it to him.

05/07/21 08:06:31PM @bad-love-junkie:
Such a gentle delivery. Soul soothing music

tony cee
05/07/21 02:08:25PM @tony-cee:
another great song and superb vocal , love the lyrics ..... cheers tony cee
Shifter Sisters
05/06/21 06:15:56PM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina: beauty is inside the listener our friend...thank you so much for these words and your support..!
we send you love and many hugs..!

Queen Regina
05/06/21 05:09:22PM @queen-regina:
Beautiful. Intriguing. On a butterfly wing. Thats how you sing. So flattering, lovely. Your voice is soul soothing. And what Beautiful music accompanying the vocals. #TenderLoveSong Made for You. Smiles


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