Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters


album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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He shattered the hot shell of his heart Into each other bled the mutual love The unfathomable depth of the river Seductive demons voices shiver   Once you...
05/12/22 05:56:48PM @the-truevulgarians:
Truly great song you guys! I liked everything about it! Congrats!
Mela Meli and Company
05/12/22 10:07:59AM @mela-meli-and-company:
What a beauty you two have created here. As full of feeling and sentiment as CSN The Whale Song. Loved listening to this.
05/10/22 04:52:06AM @tristynleach:
I really liked this track, it has a very ole worldly celtic pagan kind of sound to it, which matches the lyrics really well, also the lyrics are great and your vocals perfect for this folk song, really nice could of listened to longer version,


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