Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters

The Circle of Life

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
streams: 55
creation date: 2023-06-08

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As children, we scrawl our first letters We constantly practice to speak We are hungry for any experience We wanna know and see new things   We puzzle over...
The Circle of Life
06/08/23 03:43:27PM @bustert:
Beautiful text with a fine, catchy vocals and a beautiful instrumentation - we will probably all deal with it from a certain age...
Shifter Sisters
06/08/23 02:31:20PM @shifter-sisters:
Melani Cholie:
I love it!!!! My first listen to it in the final mix ♥♥♥

aaaaaaaaaaaahahahah sorry....I thought you will approve..! <3

Melani Cholie
06/08/23 06:43:05AM @melani-cholie:
I love it!!!! My frist listen to it in final mix ♥♥♥


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