Smiling Jack
Smiling Jack

Blues In The Heat Of The Night

album: Three Seconds To Love Me
genre: Blues
streams: 66

  Song Lyrics
The Blues In The Heat Of The Night   A steaming mist is rising as the summer shadows fall I sip my gin and tonic but it doesn't help at all The whole damn...
Blues In The Heat Of The Night
01/31/17 10:29:28PM @moquinn:
this tune just keeps on getting better & better I love it ~ do wish your songs were downloadable ~ could you let us know where we may obtain your music ~ Thanks Wow! what an ending love it
Smiling Jack
02/09/15 10:32:06AM @smiling-jack:
I actually worked hard to get that solo just right, and was very happy the way it came out.

Farrell Jackson
02/09/15 10:27:36AM @farrell-jackson:
This one of the coolest blues songs I heard for some time! I like the bit of jazz vibe that it has. The guitar solo was just right. It could have very easily been overstated but it stayed with the feel of the song which made it perfect. I want to compliment you on your vocal style (in this song), it reminds me a little of Leon Redbone...well done Smiling Jack!


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