Steve Gilmore and In No Sense
Steve Gilmore and In No Sense

Surely not......

By SG, 2013-09-08
Surely not......

Believe it or not, I have a new album just arriving at the final mix stage,  It'll be quite different to the material on The Disobedience Gene - a much lighter outlook even.  With, of course, the continued addiction to relentless, unstoppable rhythms.  This is the first mockup of the cover.

Watch this space

So what to do now... :)

By SG, 2013-05-05

<p>So, finally, all of The Disobedience Gene is now uploaded, which means I can get on to some new stuff... yay!! &nbsp;I'm going to try and get some of my live work online so watch this space :)</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

OK, here we go

By SG, 2009-08-30

<p>Probably my last release for this year is Inter Alia, probably because it will take me from now until Christmas to upload the whole thing.&nbsp; Weighing in at 39 tracks and over 3 and a half hours of playing time, Inter Alia probably counts as a double album by anybodys reckoning.&nbsp; All the tracks are brand new, not a remix or remaster among them.&nbsp; I'll be uploading the tracks in no particular order and - as I say - slowly upload the whole thing over the coming months.&nbsp; Hope you enjoy...</p><p>First&nbsp; 2 tracks are up now and EXCLUSIVE to Mixposure for now...</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

OK, almost there...

By SG, 2009-08-23

<p>OK, just down to choosing now which tracks to release first.&nbsp; I've decided to preview a couple of tracks exclusively here before releasing them to a wider audience.&nbsp; Not that this means much I know but it is the least I can do&nbsp;for the enthusiasm I've always found on this site - for any kind of music.</p><p>So, I'm going to be deleting the two tracks from Something Special to make some room.&nbsp; If you don't have a copy of them, better do it now.</p><p>Wow, I'm even exciting myself here...</p>

So finally, we get to it...

By SG, 2009-08-14

<p>yep, at the last count 39 tracks are ready to roll and I'm going to be uploading the first tracks very shortly...</p><p>Keep your eye on this space <img src="" border="0" alt="Cool" title="Cool" /></p>

A question for you...

By SG, 2008-07-25

<p>That might clear a problem I find myself in.&nbsp; A nice problem though...</p>
<p>I have three remixed rock tracks I made back in 2000 -2002.&nbsp; Which tracks should I replace on my current page?&nbsp;</p>
<p>See problem.&nbsp; And yes, I am poor or miserly or both so nrrr</p>

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