The Billy Arnett Band
The Billy Arnett Band

What's A Man To Do... Remix

genre: Country, Blues, Americana
streams: 400

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What's A Man To Do... Remix
The Billy Arnett Band
08/30/14 04:32:17AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you for your review! We appreciate it.
08/24/14 01:57:12AM @carolearlene:
This is a bad ass song can't wait to hear more. You're a very talented group go guys. Love your sound!
The Billy Arnett Band
08/16/14 11:12:57PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you Gene. That's the effect I was sure hoping for.
08/16/14 10:03:53PM @gene-smith:
Got my hands clapping and foot stompin'
The Billy Arnett Band
08/15/14 09:14:03AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thanks for the comment Wayne. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and respond. I'm glad to hear someone besides myself and the band likes it. Sure was fun to record :).
08/15/14 08:57:34AM @the-humps:
Very cool track, think I tasted a little dirt and dust while listening. ;) Well constructed track, it gets to business and just stays there. Thanks for sharing!



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